wine stops
Imagine their favorite bottle of wine accompanied with a hand crafted one of a kind wine stop….what a perfect house warming gift, engagement or wedding gift, not to mention the holiday gift giving season. These wine stops incorporate the beautifully designed lamp work beads hand created by melting, shaping and blending the glass together. Each stopper is an individual work of art and will be enjoyed for years to come.
The imagination demonstrated in creating the design, cutting and layering glass and fusing the layers together makes each pendant a unique piece of art. Combining the play of light and the vibrant colors gives these pieces of art visual beauty that will bring years of enjoyment. The mother and son artists, Pennie & Drew, create stunning pendants which have great depth and dramatic coloration. Clients enjoy the process of receiving emailed photos of their specific color requests and they then select which design best suits their desire. We believe in specialty designs with a focus on individual expectations and focus our attention to that specific goal. These glass pendants can be incorporated with a beautiful omega, magnetic wire, suede or silk cable. The glass pendants are offered at a price of $10 each and while the artists are often asked why do they sell these beautiful designs for that low price it is our goal to bring joy to others with these beautiful pieces. To see a clients smile, the joy when they find that perfect piece to compliment an outfit, or the countless compliments we receive, reinforces to us the importance of giving to others.
Lamp work beads are special in both the process of creation and the individuality in each finished bead. The father and son artists, Daryl & Drew, start with rods of glass which they slowly & patiently melt while wrapping the glass around the mandrel. Using their own perspective of incorporating specific colors together the bead begins to come to life. Individual creativity takes over from here as the shape and design now come to fruition. These works of art are then incorporated in many wonderful creations of jewelry, purse clips, key chains, bookmarks, and wine stops. Many jewelry artists have enjoyed incorporating these hand crafted beads into their finished product. The artists are commissioned regularly to design beads to match an outfit, school colors or just a favorite color.